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Going corporate: How to style your hair for work

17 August 2018
Going corporate: How to style your hair for work : style your hair for work
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While everyone enjoys a lion’s mane of a frohawk, wearing it to work won’t, umm, work. Corporate style is about toning it down and choosing styles that are chic but still show your personality. Your beautiful braids, twists, locks and afros are perfect the way they are, but still need to support a professional, toned-down look. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

Don’t be afraid to work with your natural texture. Any kind of style can work with your texture, so you don’t have to use products or heat tools to defeat your curl pattern. If you don’t have the energy to style your curls every morning, apply a leave in conditioner and use pins to secure it back.

Do keep it simple and chic – always a safe option when hairstyles must be kept impressive and professional. An updo like a top knot bun or a flat-twist French braid will give you the confidence you need to ace any job interview. These two styles can be perfected on all hair types and lengths.

Do wear protective styles. They keep your hairline in check and your style workplace-ready. An essential protective style like a flat twisted bun at the nape will keep dreadlocks manageable in the office. To play up this look, you can do a half-twisted bun where you let a few of your locks hang loose while the rest are twisted into the bun.

Don’t go two-toned or crazy-coloured. If you can’t live without some added colour, go for a single full shade that is closer to your natural hair colour. Single-toned braids in brown or a dark auburn colour are the best way to get around the temptation of bleaching or going multicoloured.

Finding a workable hairstyle is all your choice. It will depend on your type of work and office culture. The most fool-proof option is going smart, simple and practical. You can then tone it up or down by playing around with different arrangements and accessories as you slay your way to the top of the corporate ladder.

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