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Elegant, unforgettable natural looks for a night out

Salon Secret
28 May 2018
Elegant, unforgettable natural looks for a night out : woman with  natural looks for a night out
Contrary to popular belief, styling natural hair for a night out doesn’t need to be a mission. Your natural hair is divine and deserves to be flaunted. Then again, if you think the dome-shaped puffy fro you wear at a turn up will work for a formal evening, your natural hair goals need refreshing. It’s time you tamed that nest and sculpted it into softer and more elaborate looks. Embracing your texture will further expose the beauty and diversity of natural hairstyles for the world to see. Here are the hairstyles to rock your night: 

Braided Bun

This is for the long-haired natural goddess who’s worked hard for length and thickness, but don’t worry if you don’t have length – an added hairpiece is an easy cheat for achieving this look. What you’ll love most is the variety! From the top knot to the double braided low bun or straight back bun, the options are endless. To get the top knot braided bun, tie your hair up tightly in a top knot, then braid the hair out, twist, and fasten with a hair band or pins. For the straight back braided bun, plait six nicely thickened tracks to your nape. Twist the ends against your head and fasten it with a non-grabby hair band.  

Frohawk Pompadour

The mother of all artistic natural hairstyles. You’ll fall in love with this shapely and sculpted afro mohawk bubbling down your head. The secret weapon to this style is using a hairpiece and a LOT of pins –  the more you have, the more artistic you can make it. To get the look, comb your hair up and inwards, then separate into three sections (front, middle and back). Take these three sections and divide them further into squares. Grab the portions of hair and twist down until it reaches your scalp and secure with a pin. Repeat until your head is covered by beautiful baubles. You could even get creative by creating cute shapes and sizes. 

Halo Braid

Bring out your sweet side with this classy and angelic braid, perfect for evening summer parties. The holy halo braid looks heavenly on textured hair when paired with a hairpiece. You can wrap a single braid around your head, or double up with an edge-parted dual braid for a more sculpted ice cream swirl. 
To get the look, begin by separating your hair in two equal sections down the middle. Starting with one section, braid the hairpiece together with your hair, beginning from the nape and working your way up over the ear on that side, close to the hairline to end at the other ear. Tuck away and pin the ends to keep the braid from unravelling. Repeat with the other section of hair, working in the opposite direction.

Upside Down French Braid Updo

It’s more of an upside down French braid but still has the same sleek swan look that will elongate your neck. It’s also one of the most useful natural hairstyles for short hair as it can work for any hair length. This braid can be plaited from the nape all the way up to the hairline (imitating the classic baked bread pattern) or the plait can end in the middle of the head with the rest of the hair tied in a top knot bun. To get the look, start by bringing your head forward and brushing your hair up and forward. Then divide your hair into three sections (top, middle and bottom) and start plaiting from the nape upwards, pulling more hair as you work your way up to your hairline. If you’re ending in a top knot bun, twist the excess hair in a round and fasten with a hair band. 

When you rock these head-turning hairstyles on your special night out, you’re sure to inspire everyone around you with new natural hair goals. Whichever look you decide on, keep it soft, don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and add feminine accessories to the finished look. 
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