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2018's hottest African hairstyles so far

09 March 2018
Hot African hairstyles: woman with short Pixie cut
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2017 was the year of hologram hair, technicoloured braids, and purple buzz-cuts. So, it’s safe to say this year you can expect even more crazy mane moments and extravagant hairdos to inspire you going forward. Here are a few hair trends we anticipate will make a noise in 2018.

Keep it Natural

The all-natural afro is set to be a popular hairstyle in 2018, with many celebrities already starting to embrace it when hitting the red carpet. Your afro doesn't however have to be as circular as the planets; this year the triangle look is back – flatter on top and wider on the side. The best thing about this trend is that it requires no stretching, no tension, no stress, just your natural curls falling the way they should.

Big afro hairstyle

Short and Trendy

Short hair is expected to make a return this year; an effortless look that’s chic and practical. Short, jaw-length bobs, in particular, give a simple hairstyle runway-worthy glamour, and are a perfect way to frame the face. Short hair is also much easier to maintain, and takes a reduced amount of time and product to style, so we’re not surprised it’s made its way into a new year.

Curly Bangs

Curly-haired women often shy away from bangs due to a fear that it’ll look wispy. This doesn’t have to be the case at all, and in 2018, the thicker your curly fringe, the better! Plus, the length of your hair won’t matter – bangs are a great way of bringing your curls into the spotlight and they open the door to so many hairstyles made better with a bit of bounce on your forehead. 

Hottest African hairstyles
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