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Try something different, with curly braids

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21 September 2018
Try something different, with curly braids: african hair twists
Without a doubt the most popular braids style is long and straight, but when you want to change up your look, curly braids are one style you’ve got to try!  Sure, you can opt for a curly hairpiece, but did you know you can create your own braided curls in exactly the size you want? Here’s how to get it done.  
What you’ll need: 

Deep conditioner 
A set of rollers   

Step 1: Just like any other protective style, you’ll need to start by moisturising your hair. You can choose to apply a moisturiser throughout your hair or go for a good deep conditioner the night before. Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is a great multi-beneficial option as it combines lightweight nourishing, protection and style preparation.   

Step 2: Next comes installing the braids. Using a hairpiece, braid singles into your hair, stopping mid-way down the length. All of your natural hair should be braided, with the hairpiece making up the unbraided section at the bottom. 

Step 3: Dip the non-braided section of the hairpiece in hot water before adding rollers to it and each single braid. Once all the rollers are installed, sit under a hooded dryer for half an hour.  

Step 4: Slowly remove each roller and trim away any stray strands of hair. At this stage, a portion of the braids, and the non-braided hairpiece at the bottom, should now be in big loose curls.    

Step 5: Gently comb through the curls to add volume and style to your look – but be careful not to comb through the braided section or your braids might loosen. 

End off your curly braids style with hairspray for hold and you’re ready to go. To keep your curls fresher for longer, sleep with a silk wrap on a silk pillowcase so they don’t squash when you’re asleep. We love this look for its practicality and versatility – not only is it a quick job in the morning, if you look after your curls correctly, it will take you seamlessly from the office to the party, looking fab the whole time! Plus, it’s just one of many curly braid style options to play with.
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