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The best braided hairstyles for your kiddies

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25 July 2018
The best braided hairstyle for your kiddies

If your hair is always on point, there’s no reason your little one wouldn’t want to look good, too. Braids are a great protective style, and an even better way for your child to celebrate their own hair. It’s also neat and quick; perfect for getting them ready for school and you for work. Here are a few of our favourite looks for your tots.

Short box braids

Its simple style and the thickness of the braids means you won’t have to deal with an impatient child sitting in a chair for hours. Plus, it’s manageable, and won’t irritate their fragile heads. Keep the look youthful by letting the hair fall straight, and not into an angled bob, and try decorating the ends with colourful stacked beads or bows.

The best braided hairstyle for your kiddies

Double-angled ponytails

Kids will love this very girly look and, as a bonus, the angle of the ponytails means they can still sleep comfortably. Halve the hair at an angle first (diagonally across the head). The lower angled ponytail would have the braids starting at the nape with the division line, and the hairline going towards the left. The upper angled ponytail however, would have the braids starting at the division line, with the hairline going towards the right.

Side braids with curls

Combine braids and a hairpiece for this adorable look. Stick to thicker braids and braid them going in different directions around the head. The hair can then be tied and curled where the braids meet. The perfect look for an energetic slay queen in training.

The best braided hairstyle for your kiddies

Braided Halo

A sweet and innocent look for your little angel! Create a parting at the nape of the neck a few centimetres in. This will divide the hair into a left and right section. Beginning with the right section, braid from the nape of the neck upwards to the right ear. Continue braiding up and over the hairline until you reach the left ear. Once you reach the left ear, pin that braid in place. Then, take the left section of hair and braid from the top of the head down to where the right section started, at the nape of the neck. Pin the braided left section into place, so you create the impression of one single braid circling the head. Any hair still hanging loose can be tucked in and pinned. Best prepare for the cuteness-overload beforehand!

No matter the style you choose, keep your kiddies’ braids fun and not too grown up and uncomfortable. The styles you choose should never weigh them down and never get in the way of exploring. For the best results, visit a professional hair stylist near you.

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