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Perfect for date night - Flaunt these braided looks he won't forget

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25 May 2018
Perfect for date night - Flaunt these braided looks he won't forget : woman with braids
We’re such fans of braids, and for good reason! Not only are they fuss-free and easy to maintain, there’s so much you can do with them to create a whole new type of ‘do for special occasions, namely date nights. Here are our favourite braided looks that we’re sure will turn heads!

1)  The French Braid

You can’t go wrong with this classic look, and there are so many ways to rock it. The French braid is a great way to pull your hair away from your face to expose the beauty beneath, and ideal for summer months when you have no time to deal with hot, heavy hair on your neck and face. Whether it’s in the form of pigtails or down the middle of your head, this hairstyle combines sophistication and a whole lot of edge to bring you a look perfect for wowing your man. 

2)  Braids with Curves

This hairdo takes the conventional braided look and gives it a bit of spunk. It’s also a great way to add different designs to your hair without having to shave them in. Braids with curves allow you to choose a pattern that best represents your personality and makes for a truly unique ‘do that no one else has. Those embracing this curved look are also able to play around with the braids that aren’t already being used on the top of their head. From ponytails and buns to loose or plaited braids, it’s like having two hair-styles in one!

3)  Multicoloured Braids

There’s no better way to make a statement than through the use of colour, and even more so when braids are involved. Choosing different colours for your braids allows for a look that’s ideal for any occasion, and there’s little chance that anyone else can replicate the look. He’ll love the risk-taking, and how the colours show off your face and skin tone. Popular among the trendiest celebs, the timeless look is fun and fresh.

4)  The Curled Up ‘Do with Braids

This hairstyle entails braiding the back of your hair and leaving the top for bouncy curls, for an innovative look that combines two different updos. The best part of this braided look is how it exposes your neck and highlights your face at the same time. It’s easily maintainable and can be livened up through the use of different colours for your curls. Fit for any occasion, don’t be surprised if you see more and more women adopting this modern-day look. 
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