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Five amazing ways to style box braids

17 August 2018
Five amazing ways to style box braids
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Some of the best natural hairstyles are the ones that feature braids. It’s an ageless hair trend that proves, time and time again, just how versatile they are. Box braids, in particular, are the ultimate hairstyle for women looking for flexibility, where the options of colour, length, and styling are endless! Here are a few of our favourite ways to style box braids and how to achieve the look.


Dirty Blonde Half Bun

Jumbo box braids are ideal for achieving this trendy look where the blonde hair is as head-turning as the style. This half up, half down look entails sectioning your hair into two, pulling and securing the top plaits into a circular ring on the top of your head. Keeping the top of your face and eyes exposed, allow the remaining braids to hang loose over your ears.

Five amazing ways to style box braids ; woman with Dirty blonde braids

The Red Mohawk

Ideal for those looking to make a statement, electric red complements box braids beautifully, especially when styled this way. Here, you’ll need to shave the sides of your head, leaving the top exposed for your box braids. Allow your braids to fall loose, twist into a plait, or into a high ponytail for a look that exposes your face, neck, and shoulders. 

Five amazing ways to style box braids ; woman with red mowhawk

Silver Plaited Box Braids

Plaits work best with longer hair and look particular good when your box braids are coloured. We love this dramatic grey look that requires very little styling for it to turn heads. With so many ways to plait your hair, deciding whether you prefer doing it to the side, to the back or two on each side is up to you. Plus, both the colour and the style will highlight the features on your face you want to draw attention to!

Five amazing ways to style box braids : woman with braided long with bob

Double Top Buns

When it comes to this look, it’s best to try equally dividing the hair to evenly distribute the weight. We think it also looks particularly good with short box braids. Divide the hair evenly intro three sections, twisting the top two into buns that sit comfortably on top of your head. A great style for summer, and one that adds a twist to the top bun look.

Five amazing ways to style box braids : woman with dual bob

Caramel Side Sweep

While this look doesn’t require a lot of styling as such, choosing a distinctive colour will help make it truly unique. We love a pop of caramel and a side sweep that exposes mostly one side of the face. Let braids hang loose, or twist into a side crown for added effect. You’ll love how much this style complements any makeup look!

Five amazing ways to style box braids : woman braided twist

Elegant Wrapped Bun

You can’t go wrong with a look that beautifully exposes your face, neck, and shoulders. Box braids make it super easy to wrap your hair on top of your head. Gently pull your hair into a ponytail and divide into two sections. Twist both sections around each other, allowing any stray pieces to fall where they will. Use bobby pins or hair clips to secure this elegant look.

While these are just a few to play around with, there are so many ways to style box braids. And it’s one of the best hairstyles for African hair. Even better? Anything goes! Listen to your hair, and style it in a way that feels most comfortable. If you find you’re battling for inspiration, or the actual styling part, chat to a professional. They’ll be able to guide you on what’s hot, what’s not, and how to care for your box braids going forward.

Five amazing ways to style box braids : woman with braided updo
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